I decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving.

I put my tree up on the 15th. I’ve never put it up that early before…  I thought it was my only free time, but I ended up having a little more time after; but it’s up.

My birthday came and went. I picked up my new glasses and ran all sorts of errands on Friday, as I took the day off.   I went to a concert at First Avenue Club with friends, then I went to the Quad Cities for supper and another concert with the same friends. It was a fun night.  I had my biggest Scentsy vendor event the next day. I stopped at Mom’s and had cake with them and the kids first.  It was a good turn out.

I made it through Thanksgiving. I went to lunch with Dad and his family.

Mom and I went out to shop for Black Friday; which was really just us going to Verizon to get new phones. It ended up being a little longer. We asked her and Joe to get iPhones, and they did. Joe took my old one, and Mom got a new one. They had Droids previously so it sounds like they are struggling a bit with them, but I know in the end it’ll be better for them, so we can FaceTime, and all of us will have the same phone and for goodness sake I can see if she “read” my text message since she sucks at replying.

Christmas shopping is done from my Mom — it’s all being shipped directly to us, so it’ll all be here before the end of next week.

It’s only Saturday tomorrow, I am not complaining I’m enjoying lazy days. For some reason I’ve been up late, but waking up at the ass crack of dawn.

It’s currently after midnight, I’m watching a shit ton of Ellen that I have on the DVR and contemplating eating a piece of cheesecake that’s in the fridge.   And I wonder why I’m single!?

I upgraded to the iPhone 11 Pro Max today… and was able to get a new iPad too. Neither have cases yet. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime. I’ve made more orders today than I usually do in a week. Not sure why I didn’t do it all in one order?

I really need to just get my ass in bed.


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