Sunday evening denial

Here it is 10:15 and I’ve finally  just yawned for the first time this evening. I slept for shit last night, woke up early [early for me is 6:30 on a weekend] as I can normally sleep until 7:30 and I try to avoid naps on Sundays so I can get to sleep at a decent time for work. No nap today.

Instead I redid some headers on my blog – made it a little more “me”. Earlier today I finished a book; Give Me All by Caisey Quinn. I read the first two in this series when they were released.  I’m not sure how I missed it when it released in 2016,  but I read it at a time when I needed it the most.

This afternoon I’ve been in my head a lot. I’m not sure if it’s good or bad. It’s exhausting, it feels good to think about some things, to hear some things, to acknowledge somethings, some things are upsetting, but needed. I’m being very vague. Maybe more to come.

In the time it’s taken me to write this I decided that I need to get up 20 minutes earlier than normal to I can trek to work on the nightmare that is 380. Not that I can drive in snow or on slick roads, but it’s already a mess, so the elements aren’t going to help.

I am thankful that I finally sucked it up and got my garage cleaned out. I was still able to park in there but now I feel so much better about it. A huge thing checked off my list and much like I said on Instagram… it was on my to-do list for a few months, and it took me 45 minutes without dinking around with some music on. This is pretty much how MOST things are. Turn off the distractions, and get to work.

That said, I need get to bed.


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