Dreams about my Grandma Eva

I have had three dreams about my Grandma Eva in the last two nights. Two were last night / early this morning.  She’s not in them much, but we’re with her.

The one Thursday night I don’t remember much but she was in it.  The last two we were at her old house on 6th Street for both of them. Just us 4 cousins, and Grandma. Not sure where Ed was. We were making / having lunch then her homemade ice cream. There was a loud crack of thunder, and we noticed we needed to go to the basement due to some bad weather coming.

I don’t remember too much from either of these dreams but it’s what I needed. I think I’m going to have to make her ice cream soon.

I don’t know if she’s “come” to me in my dreams because of something that’s already happened, or something that will happen, but I love it.  For a split second, I almost wanted to get my Christmas tree up – because it reminded me of the beautiful one she had in the window at the 6th Street House.   But I’m still on the fence about actually putting it up. When Grandma moved to her condo she didn’t put up near as much, so maybe I’ll swap out a few warmers to ones that remind me of her / Christmas, and call it good.


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