Home décor, furniture + rearranging?

I haven’t really rearranged anything in my condo for the three and a half years I’ve lived there. I moved a few things around and got a few new pieces in my office and I moved a dresser and bookshelf around in my bedroom. Nothing too crazy.

I have been talking about getting an accent chair for my bedroom for a while now so I could sit in it with my stand up hair dryer behind it. As I currently sit on the floor and it’s not comfortable.  I’m trying to keep it under $200, but I really don’t know what color fabric I want. I really do not care for the color of wood my bedroom set is, but wonder if “someday” when I move to a place I buy, if I could refinish / stain it, as I would like to think I’ll have a garage.   I have this really old, but comfy comforter, that finally has a little tear in the seam – it’s 15 or so years old; but damn I love it. It’s just bright orange.

I’ve been slowly making my condo a home, with some minimal décor, updated matching lighting in the living room.  And I feel like I’ve been doing a better job at keeping it picked up – aka laundry off the couch.   As if anyone ever comes over!?

I have the bug to rearrange my office, move everything around and get a rug in there; because the carpet is crappy / ugly renters carpet.  But then part of me is like, why fix what isn’t broke. Focus on what I’d rather have more; bedroom stuff. Chair and new comforter.

I think I first need to focus on my bedroom; get a damn chair, just buy it. Get the room arranged so it will fit [I think it is set up that way now] and clean out the books on the bookshelf.

I need to clean out my garage – it’s the last of the set, sits the lowest and has water in it, not a lot; just a wet floor. I have a few metal shelves in there, but I really just need to sweep it out well, spray more bug spray and throw away everything that is collecting cobwebs that’s not needed in there. It seems to be a dumping ground. And I need to get it organized.  Also, I’m making it sound horrible, it’s not. It’ll take me maybe an hour. I just need to do it; but I want to be able to shower after because ew cobwebs!

I wish I had a truck so I could take a few things to the car wash and spray them off, clean ’em well. Maybe I could rig something up in my back hatch of the Equinox if I bought a tarp or something?

I’ve been doing well and organizing closets and purging things, not keeping a lot of excess [with the exception of my Scentsy office… ] I feel like I’m kind of preparing for when I find a place to buy.

Lots of rambling. Mostly to just say, I need to buy a place so I can feel a bit more pride in taking care of it, and decorate it how I want [panting, hanging things, etc] but I mostly just need to get my ass in gear and get things done.


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