My Equinox; the report

I had fully intended on driving to Jiffy Lube this morning to have them reset the oil life / thermometer, vs going to Archie’s [the shop I’ve been going to recently] and thinking that would fix everything but I got maybe a mile from home and the same warnings popped up, so I pulled into a strip mall and decided to head to Archie’s. I went in, admitted defeat and he said it would be about 45 minutes and he could look at it.

I truly love it there, their waiting area is clean, and welcoming. He talks to everyone the same. When he was done checking everything out, he asked me to come out and look at what was going on; the coolant recovery tank needs replaced. To be honest, I have no clue what this means, but that’s what was causing it to over heat. He added more coolant, and got me a quote for the new tank; under $250 with parts and labor! He could get it here later this morning / early afternoon.

I knew I had to be at work this afternoon so I asked if I could get in first thing tomorrow and if I would be safe to drive to work. He suggested I stick to driving in town vs interstate, and I should be fine.  I made it to work just fine with zero warnings; and by 10. That was parking in the parking lot and busing in as I normally do.

Huge sigh of relief in that the repair isn’t over a grand, nor is it the motor like google had me worried it was!  Thankfully it has been a good month with Scentsy and it’s only 3 weeks in, so I have a little extra wiggle room in the budget.

Even though my schedule was a little disrupted this morning and will be again tomorrow, it’s better than it could be.


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