Scentsy + Concerts

For maybe the last year and a half, I’ve been trying to help Ned, the owner of First Avenue Club promote his shows. I use Twitter and Instagram; and slowly getting better at both.

I was really excited for the show that was last night – Randall King and Josh Ward. These guys are “Texas Country”. I had seen Randall King before, but not Josh Ward; but loved his stuff!

They both were great in retweeting and reposting stories on IG; but when I got a direct message from Josh.. I wasn’t sure what to think. [He later explained after the show that when he sees fans / promoters really sharing the show / his music he wants to go see what they are about. This is proof that my info about Scentsy in the bio, paid off]

Direct Message on Instagram between Josh Ward and I

I was in a good spot work wise, so I took a few hours of vacation and left at 3. It was nice to come home and take a little time getting ready. I was able to get a bag together for him. For those of you wondering; an element warmer [with no dish for ease on the moving bus] and six bars – I picked out Weathered Leather, Waves and Wonders, Apple Cherry Cider and three others that I cannot remember! But they were all within the scents he said he liked above.  I threw in a Weathered Leather Car Bar as well.  [more on this later]

I was meeting Andy and Eldon there about 6:30, got stuck behind an accident on 380, but made it not long after. Josh and his crew were grabbing a bite to eat, so he came in a few minutes after I did; worked out great. This was still before the doors opened to the public.

Showing Scentsy
Not the best photo, but I was showing Josh how to use the Cotton Cleanup to clean out the old wax and put fresh in!

He said a few times he was glad to have the bus smell like home. And that was everything! Scent evokes so many memories! I did tell him I would gift him this on one condition; that he play All About Lovin’; a song of his that I listen to over and over.

We were right up front and the show was great. I caught a sneak of the set list. I knew it was time for the song and he stopped and chatted with the crowd. He talked about how he saw my posts, and noticed I sold Scentsy, so I hooked him up and make the bus smell like home vs a bunch of stinky guys. He said that my only request was he play this song.

It was near the end of the show, so after we stuck around, I needed a picture with him, and he said I could grab whatever merch I wanted so I grabbed a shirt!

Josh Ward. 10/18/19 – First Avenue Club  – Iowa City, IA

After he met and took photos with everyone in line he hung around and chatted with us. Mr. Tequila himself, Ned, brought out some fancy tequila and they did a few shots.

Josh and another guy [who’s name I did not catch] stood around and talked to us, about how much they appreciate fans like us sharing and posting the shows, we talked about the sweet little girl who was right up front who was a rock start at doing the cha-cha! Then we got to talking about Scentsy. Again, he brought up how he just wanted the bus to smell like home.  He even called his wife and was proud he had some! Everyone was telling me thanks for that, because it smelled great. The other guy whom I was talking to wanted to know if I had any extra Weathered Leather Car Bars and Josh piped up he has one now and it’s going in his new truck. I didn’t have any more, but you better believe I ordered some this morning.

It’s really fun to get to visit with the artists and their crew. They have my business card and information, because Josh asked if I could be his person! Of course!

I had posted about the night on IG last night, and woke up to this incredibly sweet comment from Josh’s wife, Heather:


Seriously, so sweet to wake up to this.

I tell people I sell Scentsy so I can buy concert tickets [ ] but this was legit full circle; and I loved it. It’s a great feeling.


Josh Ward [website]

Josh Ward [Instagram]

Josh Ward [Facebook]


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