Decisions and DVR

How do I even start…

I decided to get back on the stupid dating apps. Seriously they are dumb. If they want a relationship I shouldn’t get a picture of their cock or they shouldn’t be saying they just want a fuck buddy. Head over to Tinder for that.   I had a few conversations with a few guys.  Went out to dinner with one last night, and the whole time I just kept thinking “he’s not B”.  I just wasn’t into it, I tried to be. [We’ll call him J]

I was more excited about the two hour FaceTime with a long time friend whom we always seem to get busy with life and lose touch but we always connect again and pick up like no time has passed.

I woke up way too early for a Saturday, so after laying in bed for an hour scrolling all the social media; I decided to get up and head to Kalona. I just wanted bread, but got a pie and some things at the bulk foods store.  I ran to Nichols to deliver some Scentsy then back home.  I really should have found some time to get an oil change, but I can do that after work.

On my way home, J texted and basically threw a tantrum about me not wanting to come hang with him because I said I was going to do some Scentsy work in my office then take a nap, he legit was pouty and whining. So then I said I’d text him when I got up and asked him a few things to get to know him and he basically said “I hate wasting free time”  and on and on.  So that’s where I left that.  Is there a possibility he could find this and read it, maybe?  I give zero fucks.

I still kind of want to send B one last message. I’m just not sure exactly what to say.

Okay, with the help of my gal pal; Karan: “Before I shut this app down, just wanted to say thank you for the few months of great conversation. I hope things are going well for you.”

I can’t see if he read it, he might have deleted the app. He hasn’t deleted his profile. Truth be told, I’m not going to delete the app just yet. But soon.

Okay, tonight I’m cleaning off the DVR on Hulu Live — this was the best change; by the way!


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