Beer Sign for Good

This weekend has been pretty low-key in that it’s rained all weekend. I’ve not had any set plans, and this morning my back started bothering me again — the nerve issues.

I wanted to write about this so I would look back on this. Last Saturday during the Iowa / Iowa State ESPN GameDay there was a kid holding a sign asking for his Busch Light supply to be replenished with his Venmo account name.  It garnered some attention and it wasn’t long before he had $400 because he was on national TV!

I might not have all the numbers correct because this took off like wildfire; but he said at $600 he spoke with his family and decided to donate it to UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital [my hospital!] his rival teams hospital. He loved the idea of the #IowaWave and knew great things happened there!

He tweeted about it and it just grew and grew. Anheuser-Busch and Venmo hopped on board to match. At the time of writing this, nearly 7:30 PM; 8 days after the sign was shown, with the matches; it’s reached over 1 million! They are keeping the account open through the end of the month; 8 more days.

Carson has appeared on Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, CNN, with the You Betcha guy, and I am sure more to come.  He’s been in communication with us at the hospital too. He will be bringing a check and getting a tour! It’s been pretty amazing to watch the number grow and grow!

It”s been incredibly refreshing to see good news gracing the Facebook feed, and on the news!

Busch made a can just for him, there’s a petition to get the can in stores – even if just in Iowa.  I know many have question if Busch and Venmo are truly going to fulfill their part, but the publicity and free marketing they are getting is unreal! All from a sharpie and a piece of poster board, and a kid with a good heart!

This is Iowa, my home state!


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