Music + thoughts

It’s amazing how music can evoke memories.  This has always been the case, but lately more than usual.

I was all sorts of emotional the other day then wake up to the song Whiskey Glasses.  Of course. I had spewed all my thoughts and then first thing I do is wake up and here that, so it’s on my mind all day.   Thankfully works been a bit hectic so I haven’t had tunes on, otherwise it’d be a bit too much at my desk emotion wise.  Someday I’ll be over this, hopefully?

Last night as I was driving home from the Quad Cities [Emily + Chris’] I was all sorts of in my head with thoughts; and lots of music – mostly the entire Morgan Wallen album. I was thinking about last year before my birthday I had this crazy idea of 40 things to do before I turned 40.  As I’m a few months before 37 I’ve only crossed one off the list of 20-something things; clearly I did well with my list.

I really want to work on this list, but I need to make sure it’s attainable vs lofty.  More doing, less talking about it, Parizek!

In other news; my body finally gave into the stress + emotional hell [self induced] of last week  and I slept, a lot.  I got home late last night about 12:30 and slept til 8:20; which is pretty miraculous for me on a weekend to sleep in past 7:30 no matter how late I’m up. I lad in bed and read til about 11, then moved to the recliner, then crawled back in bed about 12:30, slept til 3.

I had a dream B texted me. Stupid mind. I really just want to forget about him for a while. Pretend I didn’t have more of a connection with him in the short time, than I did the two years I was with Adam.  I just need to realize that it’s done. [I need to quit whining about it here too, or at least make them so only I can see so three readers don’t have to read about it]

It’s been the ultimate lazy Sunday; aside from the samples I made for a Scentsy event Wednesday evening.  I’ve managed to brush my teeth, read a book, and nap. I should have done at least one load of laundry, but I didn’t. I liked how clean my living room was looking without clothes folded on the couch.

For now, I’m crawling in bed, at 9:15 to start a new book and take on whatever the week brings.


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