Late night wondering thoughts.

The past work week was chaotic and stressful; so I thought I’d enjoy a long weekend at home with no real plans.  Okay, I went to a concert in town Friday evening, but that was it. I was up by 7:30 yesterday and today.

I still haven’t done the dishes in the sink, nor loaded them into the dishwasher, and there’s at least two loads of laundry that need to be done. My kitchen counters are clean, my living room has no folded laundry anywhere to be seen! My office is tidied up, my bathrooms are clean. Bedroom is pretty well picked up.

I’ve worked on some marketing stuff for the Scentsy business as I’m hoping to roll out a new program for my customers this month … Maybe I shouldn’t have started creating the items on Vistaprint on the first of the month I want to roll it out. Once I start it I’ll be glad I did, even if the first month is a bit late. Done is better than perfect.

I’ve read a book, listed to about 75% of an audiobook, fairly certain I haven’t turned on my TV. I did do the adult thing and get Hulu, but my piece of shit smart LG television in the living room doesn’t have Hulu on it, just Netflix, Amazon and iHeartRadio. I do have a Roku in my bedroom, maybe I need to get another for the living room.

Part of me is toying with the idea of canceling cable [again]. I did this once and then got it back. I DVR Ellen. I’ve enjoyed Hulu, this free month I’ve had. But I don’t like the idea of waiting until the next day. I know there is the option of Hulu Live… I really just need to look into my contract with my cable company, and see where I’m at. I don’t want to pull the trigger too soon; but can I live without Ellen if it means saving $75/ month?  My bill is $173/ month I cannot imagine internet will be $100

I watch the train wreck that it is, Counting On about the Duggar family… it doesn’t appear it’s all on Hulu. Such things I have to consider, but again… if I saved $75-100/month I think about what I could buy with $900-1200 after a year.  Well, total squirrel moment, I just emailed my cable / internet provide to find out what it would cost me to cancel right now. I’m fairly convinced that I can do without Ellen, most of the highlights of that are online.

My mind just won’t stop. I really feel like a good cry is coming, but it hasn’t come, yet.  Even my dreams are all over the place, out of left field but a little too realistic for me.

Okay, I’m finally yawning. I took a two hour nap at 5 that wasn’t my brightest idea. I’d really like to sleep in a bit tomorrow…  Let’s go give it a try.


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