Writing about it will curse it…

Writing about this because I want to remember it, but I feel like it’s going to be a curse. Dating is hard, I really wish I could just skip the initial meeting part and get to the hanging out / comfy with each other part.

The last probably 6ish months I’ve been on some dating apps, some are hit or miss. I went on a single date with someone and it just didn’t work out. I took a break for a while, got on for a few days and then decided I was done.

I was in the process of deactivating my accounts and deleting my apps, and matched with someone, and exchanged messages [just for kicks, this was June 20th]. What do I have to lose, we texted through the app; for a month or so.   I was still messaging back and forth with him through the app which the messaging through there was horrible, but it worked. As I was about to board in Dallas on my way to Austin, I sent him my phone number to text me instead. Kind of ready to move it to text, kind of worried about data usage. I had a text from him… then the great delay happened; so we had some time to text for a bit. [again, just for kicks, this was July 29th]

From there we’ve texted a lot. Had some great conversations, truly getting to know each other.   Everything fell into place and we hung out Saturday evening.

Because I’m a corn fed girl, I’m always nervous about how it’s going to go. I’m always honest about being a sturdy gal…  but then he texted this.


We had a great time, awesome conversations, and some stellar people watching. Bonus that he’s a big baseball fan; even if he likes the Cubs.

I’m not sure what will come of it, but I at least have a new friend. Maybe this is me just putting up a huge wall, protecting myself and being cautious. Maybe I’ve just realized you can’t be all in from the start and always make something from it. I’m good with just rolling with it, with a smile.


2 thoughts on “Writing about it will curse it…

    1. If it wasn’t 4:30 in the morning when I got home, I would have sent you and Shawn a message! But I was beat, then I tried to catch up on sleep all day yesterday, and it just didn’t work out. Thank you.


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