Vacation hangover is real.

I’ve been back to work for almost a week – it’s lunchtime on Friday; so basically a full week back.  I was in Austin, TX all last week for the annual Scentsy convention we call it Scentsy Family Reunion or SFR.

Our flight out was Monday afternoon, connecting through Dallas. We had a bit of a layover which was fine, we were able to grab supper. We boarded about 9:30 then sat, and sat and sat. Finally at 11:30 we were wheels up. It was getting a little dicey because the pilot came on and said there was miscommunication and then he finally said they were nearing crew legality. UGH! Basically we needed to get going, so they didn’t have to pull the crew!  I joked it was the longest 33 minute flight ever. Wendy and I were downright ready to be off the damn plane!

Finally we landed in Austin, got our bags, found a Lyft [I had a code for 25% off for the next 10 rides] and we were off. Because we were late, I told Meagan to go ahead and head to the hotel.  She, Kathy and Tresa welcomed us!

Tuesday we made a quick run to the cutest little Target ever — it was very near the University of Texas, but we got what we needed, then came back and headed to the pool; Heather and Ben met up with us there and we had a blast, and got sunburnt!

We ventured to the Original Chuy’s for dinner – another fun experience, and yummy!

Wednesday we explored The Domain + the Erin Condren Store. We had lunch and this hit up The Yard Milkshake Bar 

And then, the conference started! It was a few full days! I always tell myself that I’m going to take a notebook and journal or jot down what all happened. Hell I didn’t even do the best with photos. I just know we had SO much fun.  We had a [now funny] incident at PF Chang’s that resulted in us getting all our meals free – all 7 of us!  We will laugh at it always, but at the time it was really irritating. I called and made reservations for 11:30. We were one of three tables in there. Then… the waiter forgot to enter in our food, and 2 hours later we got our food; after the place was packed and had a half hour wait to be seated.

The conference was full of amazing speakers, James Clear, Seth Godin, Amanda Gore and Collin O’Brady – all amazing!  Obviously lots of training from home office staff and peers as well.

On Saturday, awards night, we always get dressed up; find out where our incentive trip is, where the next SFR will be, and then it’s all done. We’re excited to try and earn a trip to Bermuda or Amsterdam, and next year is in Salt Lake City, Utah!

We ventured down to 6th Street – and boy was it a sight to see! We had a meal at a place that we picked because of the 90’s / 2000’s music it was playing, and did some people watching. Then ventured back and said our “see ya laters” and of course took some pictures.  Late night but worth it!

Our flight was at 7:20, so we needed to be at the airport very early, I think I took a two hour nap! I was at my condo by 1. I showered and made a delivery to a customer, unpacked and started laundry. I only napped for an hour and am STILL attempting to catch up on sleep!

Tomorrow we’re going to a local water park with the family. But I’m ready for a relaxing Sunday or even next weekend, already…


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