About a year ago I had a wild hair to clean out my bathroom closet; but it was more than that, it needed organized and things needed pitched. I had three containers of Tums, all of which were expired or very near. I don’t even take Tums very often. For sure not enough to warrant having three containers!

Over the course of maybe 4-5 months this carried throughout my condo. Yes, I know it’s not very big but sometimes you just have to sit on your decisions for a while. I went through a wood crate bookshelf and got rid of nearly 200 DVD’s. I kept a few. I’m not sure I have turned the DVD player on in the 3 1/2 years I’ve lived here.

I donated a lot of books, clothes, and household items. I don’t have a lot of room in my condo, storage wise, but I’m feeling the urge to declutter again. Yes, I’ve read, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Actually I listened to it, and the narration was downright horrible. The content, eh, it was alright.  I am not a Netflixer. I probably reactivate my account 2 months out of the year to watch a few things then I cancel.  I’ve not watched the show, I do not roll my socks, nor do I thank clothes that don’t fit that I am donating. Sorry undies that have seen better days, I’m not thanking you.

Instead, I bust out black yard waste size garbage bags, fill ’em full, but not so full that I cannot carry them down to my car, and take them either to Good Will or the women’s shelter.

I have a bookshelf that’s in my bedroom that has books two deep and sometimes there are books pilled on those two rows. Will I read them again? Likely, no. The books I will read again or want to keep are in the bookshelf crate in my living room. I need to just box ’em up and take them somewhere.

I’m sure there are reader friends of mine who might want some, so maybe I’ll snap some pictures of the spines and share it on Facebook and arrange for a meet up and just get rid of them.

It’s time for another Parizek Purge… but maybe not until after I take a nap, or it might be a gradual thing versus dedicating the weekend to it.


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