Sleep, years in the works.

About two years ago I found a new family doctor; general practice doctor? Anyways, my doctor growing up was in my hometown, and as much as I loved her, we really clicked, it was silly to drive 30 miles home, and back for an appointment when I could find someone closer. It took a bit, but I really like this new doctor.

She was very understanding and quick to help with my insomnia. I had a love hate relationship with Ambien; and she was apprehensive to prescribe it to me; they were finding out things about Ambien and women that were not so great. I felt comfortable and trusted her from the first time I saw her. We found something else and it’s worked wonders.

That said, I’ve been getting good, solid sleep; so I’m waking up right or sometimes before my alarm, feeling rested. On the weekends if I sleep in past 7:30, I’ve really slept in!

My mornings are quite productive on the weekends now. I don’t feel like I’m spending the whole weekend sleeping and attempting to catch up on all the sleep I missed during the week.

Sure there are some nights I stay up a bit late either reading a book I’m caught up in, or I’m at a concert and driving home, hanging with friends, whatever it is, but I’m still getting good sleep when I do sleep.

Which has made a big change for the better on my mood; I think.

I know sleep is important to health, this is why I was bringing it up each time to my Neurologist; well PA but she didn’t seem to care enough, nor did the first family doctor. I also know that sleep is a pretty important step for weight loss. This is a whole other post, but I feel like my head / emotions / all the feelings are almost there.


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