The thing about DNA

I don’t know how long ago I did 23andMe. I did both health and ancestry. It was great to get the medical stuff.  I don’t really understand the genealogy stuff. I mean, I can follow tree branches, but it’s hard to put it all together when you have people messaging you saying they are a’s great grandmothers sister, and then x is saying they are so and so’s nephew from so and so. That’s where I get all confused.

I don’t know where I read it, but many suggested that if you are adopted and seeing biological family, that it’s very helpful to do both 23andMe and so I did just that, but opted out of the health for Ancestry; no need for that info.

But all this to say, I’ve got ‘stronger/closer’ DNA connections on – meaning that there are some first and second cousins. It’s always a bit tough to message them back – even though they an read my profile that says “I was adopted at birth, and have no information regarding my biological parents” hello, this was 1982..  open adoptions weren’t really a thing then.   But there’s also the factor of I’m in my bubble of not knowing any blood relation and it’s a bit lonely [disclaimer I have amazing family and friends] but it would be awesome to connect to blood family, it’s just something that feels so foreign to me.  The bubble of “not” is mine; so popping said bubble is in my control.

What if it ends up that I’m messaging with someone who is closely related to my biological mom / dad; and they know nothing of them having a daughter? “Surprise”.

So many emotions. A lot to process, so I think I’ll read.

All this coming off a regular, routine visit to my doctor today; who agrees I should have a physical every few years, just to do blood work, and such. And hooray for being adopted with next to no medical info [outside of 23andMe health] so I can get a baseline mammogram now, and start colonoscopies at 45.



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