40 things before 40

I’ve had this idea of 40 before 40 on my mind since I turned 36 in November. Mostly  because it was 4 years until 4. I started a list, but have only been able to come up with about 20 things. I want them to be tangible / achievable things.  This is what I have so far – and they are in no particular order.

  1. Walk a 5k
  2. Ask for job reclassification – Admin Services Coordinator? [as of January 2022 this is in the works!]
  3. Loose 40 pounds [weigh 215 or less]
  4. Have a will prepared
  5. Get “The Gambler” lyrics tattooed … only after 40+ pounds are lost!
  6. Have $1000 saved in an emergency fund
  7. Pay off all debt [except a mortgage if that happens]
  8. Go on a vacation just to relax
  9. Buy Christmas gifts / toys for a family in need
  10. Road trip with no plans / nowhere to go
  11. Promote to SuperStar Consultant with Scentsy
  12. Trip to the condo
  13. Hysterectomy / Female Sterilization? [December 2021 surgery scheduled for salpingectomy – tube removal]
  14. Get a passport
  15. Attend a book signing / event
  16. Watch the Red Sox in Person  [at Fenway is just a bonus!]
  17. Pay for a stranger’s meal
  18. Visit the Scentsy Home Office in Meridian, Idaho
  19. Get a life insurance policy outside of work
  20. Buy a townhouse
  21. Volunteer / work for a candidate for the 2020 Presidential election
  22. Fall in love
  23. Buy a new mattress
  24. Update resume + retake typing test for the U
  25. Be kissed at midnight ringing in the new year
  26. Write a letter / email to my biological mother
  27. Have my teeth professionally whitened
  28. Host a holiday meal / get together
  29. Write letters of thanks to important teachers + mentors
  30. Get a facial + learn how to properly care for my skin
  31. Make a list of all the states I’ve been to
  32. Donate blood on a regular basis [or plasma if allowed with my seizure meds]
  33. Schedule a dermatology appointment for a baseline check  [I did check this off, but unchecked it, it was scheduled; I had surgery and had to reschedule it then they wouldn’t let me reschedule due to COVID]
  34. Get my adoption certificate [January 2022 it will be available]
  35. Start journaling / blogging + do so on a regular basis [a least once a week]
  36. Host a family meal
  37. Get a baseline mammogram
  38. Buy a MacBook
  39. Get a puppy
  40. Establish and stick to a skin care routine

So far, I’ve only crossed off two of these things, and haven’t even come up with all 40 items yet! A few of them seem like a bit of a far reach…

Edit:  I am able to check a few big things off the list, and will come back an cross off as I complete.  I will change this date as I cross something off  and remember to come here and do so.   I might change his to 41 or maybe even 44 to just  make it sound better. Covid has put a damper in the last few years of tackling this. As we are “coming out of the pandemic” I still feel things are sill pandemic-ish… 2/28/22


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