When you say you’re going to write, but fail.

I sound like a broken record; I want to get better at writing. Not just because of what I pay for the hosting and domain each year, but because I enjoy it.  I have a notebook of my lists; and within I have lists of blog post ideas.

I have great intentions when I sit down in my office but it it doesn’t always work out – as you can tell by how few and far between. I even write it in my planner. And here I am sitting in the recliner, catching up on TV; cleaning off the DVR and writing away.

We’re getting into the busy time at work; but I’m trying to make myself relax when I find pockets of time, like now.  I do have a bit of a getaway coming up for a few days when Vic and Ashley get married at the condo in Florida. I’ve not been there for 7 1/2 years!

I’m checking off a lot of things on the prep list; but I’ve yet to find something to wear to the ceremony. Currently have 3 shirts packaged up to send back. I have been tanning for about a month now. Yes, I know it’s not good, but neither is a burn, I am the kind of girl that needs a base…

I am most excited to get my hair done on Saturday. I haven’t had my hair cut since just before Cody’s wedding in September. I had an appointment scheduled for March, but had to reschedule due to my getting the flu; but she didn’t have any openings until sometime in August. She doesn’t do evenings or weekends. She’s the closest; an hour away. I’ve gone to her twice.

I decided to look around, Des Moines in about an hour and a half away, and then there’s a place in Kewanee, Illinois. I called both. The two places in Des Moines didn’t have weekend hours before the wedding in May, and the Kewanee place was most accommodating, and was able to get me in. I have a good friend who lives in the Quad Cities, so it works out great I can meet up with her for dinner. I’m anxious to try this place out. This stylist pots very frequently on social media, she has a lot of photos. The place I had gone before didn’t post much. This place is called “The Curl Studio” so, I’m sold on the name. It’s a good way to meet up with Em for dinner, too.

Enough rambling for now.


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