Influenza A

Last weekend was full of concerts. First was Cody Hicks + Cody Canada at First Avenue. I had taken the afternoon off to run errands, and it was nice. Saturday Emily, A + Chris came to my place and we road tripped to Des Moines.

We had tickets to see Walker Hayes with Filmore. It was a fun time. It was a sold out show, standing room only and hot as hell in there. Sometime in the middle of the night our cute Air B&B’s heater stopped heating and was blowing cold air. The windchill was -30. We all woke up freezing.   I felt like I slept pretty well. I thought I was getting stuffed up on Saturday but not anything worth taking meds for. Sunday I was drained. Perhaps the concert venue was a petridish…  who knows?

After we got home I took a 3 1/2 hour nap and was asleep by 10:30 for the night.  I got up and showered and went into work, but just didn’t feel super great. It was cold, but I was hot. I kinda thought I had a fever, but wasn’t sure. I was at work for 20 minutes before I left; I had a gut feeling that maybe I had the flu. I went to Quick Care; and sure enough tested positive for Influenza A. It’s been a long miserable week.

They did not prescribe Tamiflu because I’m neither pregnant, elderly, nor do I have a chronic illness; so basically it only takes a day off and can cause worse problems like diarrhea and nausea.  She told me it’d get worse before better because I caught it right away. The thing about Influenza A is most people think it’s just a cold; and ignore the fever.  I’ve done nothing but sleep. I go from the recliner, to my bed. I’ve drank more water this week than I have in probably 4 months. I’m not even kidding.

My boss has been incredible about it all. I cannot go back to work until I’m 24 hours fever free, without meds; so I’ll go back to work Monday. I got up from a nap today about two hours ago and do not have a fever!   When I called the boss this morning she said I sounded better; and I feel better, still achy but less head-achy if it makes any sense.

I might even take a shower; but I’m quite content in my recliner right now.  I’ve cleaned off my DVR completely, and I even just started up Netflix. I doubt I’ll keep it for longer than a month, but I can watch a few things I wanted to see like the Ellen stand up special and the Fyre Festival documentary.

I’m still pretty exhausted, so I don’t foresee much happening this weekend. All I have on the books is a Scentsy party on Sunday but I feel like I’ll be good to go and ready to get out of here by then.  I would be cleared for work on Saturday (if it was a work day) so the Scentsy party can go on.

I think it’s time to lay down again; here’s hoping no one else gets this nastiness.  I cannot even imagine how bad it would be if I hadn’t gotten the flu shot.


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