Podcasts and TV

Let’s talk Podcasts. Do you listen to them? Drop a comment with your favorites!

Here’s what I am currently subscribed to:

  • Bobby Bones Show
  • Bobby Cast
  • 4 Things With Amy Brown
  • Get Real! With Caroline Hobby
  • The Uncurated Life Podcast

I have listened to Dirty John; and plan on listening to Dr. Death. I can have music on at work, but it has to be pretty quiet, pretty much background music. I am allowed to have headphones in; they’d probably prefer I just keep them in one ear vs both; so this limits me to my commute to / from work; and at home. I try to listen to audiobooks [mostly non-fiction] on the commute.

And; let’s talk TV.

I still have cable and a DVR. Yes, I do. I don’t have Netflix or Hulu; and I’m okay with that. I love Ellen, and there is no way to watch the show in it’s entirety anywhere  other than by DVRing it or watching as it happens.  I am completely okay with keeping cable. Plus I can record things like award shows and such. I know everyone is ditching cable, but this works for me.

Here’s what I DVR:

  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • New Amsterdam
  • The Good Doctor
  • Chicago Med
  • Station 19
  • Ellen
  • Jimmy Fallon [I mostly just watch the monologue, hashtags, thank you notes + specific guests]
  • Jimmy Kimmel [I mostly just watch the monologue + specific guests]
  • Sister Wives
  • Counting On
  • The Voice

My Mom keeps telling me to start A Million Little Things; but I might start watching it… I gave up on This Is Us. I’ll probably watch American Idol because Bobby Bones is the mentor,  #BTeam.   Basically I like hospital shows, late night, and train wreck shows about different cultures/religions that are a tad bit controversial.

If I were a subscriber to Netflix or Hulu I wouldn’t get much done as I would binge on everything.


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