Late Saturday night thoughts.

For a while now I’ve been attempting to eat a bit better. Attempting. By that I mean I’ve been cooking more at home, not grabbing take out as often. Taking my lunch to work most days.

After almost a year of having it, I put the damn recumbent bike together. It’s in a great spot, so I can watch TV and still work out. I use the term, working out loosely. I’m not exactly breaking a sweat, but it’s great for my knees, low impact.  I took to Facebook tonight asking for some sort of a ledge for my iPad to rest on; but someone quickly commented that I can get a mount. I’m not sure I didn’t think of it!

I can use my small free weights in my hands, and read. I don’t have Netflix or Hulu; but I do have cable + DVR, so I’m sure I’ll have plenty to watch while I ride.

I oftentimes think of trying yoga, but I’m so very much not comfortable with going to a studio. I need to find some stuff online first and try at home. The thing about at home working out is the accountability part of it. I know doing some stretching of sorts often would be great for my back vs only doing the stretches when the back gets pissed at me.

I used to weigh myself daily; then I would try to aim to do it once a week. I’m only doing it now when I think of it, and it’s not very often.

I feel my mind is ALMOST there. I guess it’s better than not wanting to do anything about it.


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