word of the year

Over on Instagram I posted a few weeks ago about how I finally picked a ‘word of the year’. I wrote that I don’t do resolutions, that I laugh at people that do; because how often do you see them carrying through with them in March? I scoff at people who pick a word [even though I’ve done this a few years!] Yes, I’m making fun of myself. If you know me, I’m pretty fucking great at this!

Anyways, I picked a word; finish.

I’m going to paraphrase from my Instagram post, so you might have already read this: I’m great at starting things, not so great at finishing. I have a lot of big, grand ideas. They work for a few weeks, maybe a few months but they don’t seem to last. Clearly by choosing the word finish, I’m giving myself the biggest triple dog dare to stick with it all year.  I’m going to attempt to finish something each week. [side note: I have a spot in my planner to write down what I’ve completed / finished each month, it’s pretty satisfying to see it fill up with legit things] Even if it’s just one thing per week; that’s 52 things. Be it, clean out the bedroom closet, or do laundry and put it all away in one day [adulating; level 10],  I’m including my Scentsy business in this… I do a lot of starting with “things” and never finish there… so self; challenge accepted!

Maybe some things might not be worth coming back and sharing what I’ve accomplished but maybe they will; perhaps I’ll come back and keep a list of what all they are. That’d be something I could finish as well.

Finish / done / complete / end. This can mean a lot of things; but a few things that stick out

  • Finish a task you start or have set out to do
  • End a friendship that isn’t a mutual thing
  • Leave / be done with a FB group or many groups
  • Complete the promise to yourself to write here more


Finish the year stronger than you started it…


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