I’ve got to write about it.

Putting off the inevitable; but I want to document it.  The end of fall pretty much sucked.

Not the part where my youngest brother, Cody got married. Not the part where my cousin, Brent got married; both of those weddings were great.  Not the part where my Red Sox won the World Series. I might still be on a high from that. Not that I’m counting but 65 days til opening day. Also, side note. Dad called me yesterday, and Cody was at Dad’s looking for a ticket for some other bet; and found a ticket where Dad bet my Red Sox to win the World Series, $170 winner; so after Dad keeps the $20 he paid for the ticket, $150 to me!

So… let’s get to the meat of this…

My brother’s best friend’s wife lost her battle with cancer; it was a very rare cancer; bile duct cancer. She fought one helluva fight. My good friend Clint was diagnosed with Stage IV correctional cancer; and it’s in his liver.

The week before Christmas it was decided to move Grandma from the farm to an Independent Living; but it didn’t go well; Joe was staying with her. We knew she needed Assisted Living; at the end of that we found out her brother had passed away at home; by means of a welfare check from the cops.  We had already teetered on canceling Christmas due to my cousin’s mother in law passing away in a hotel en-route to their winter home in Florida (heart attack) … same side of the family.  The day after Christmas, Grandma was moved into Assisted Living and I think she’s doing quite well.

I’m the bad granddaughter who has yet to get down to see her — we’ve been hit with two weekends of snow storms back to back; and possibly more this weekend; but we shall see.

In other news, Joe’s best friend, BR, is not doing well; basically fighting for his life – also battling cancer…  I’m not sure how much time he’s got left. He’s currently in ICU.

I know, full of grim news, thus why I’ve not written so much. But, it’s part of life; a beginning and an end. I just wish the end didn’t come so quick. Stupid effin’ cancer.


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