Fall Favorites

I know a lot of YouTubers share their fall favorites; while I’m not so confident to head into the YouTube world; I figured I could still share!  It’s a mix of planner, books, beauty [I use that very loosely], and home items.

These are in no particular order, just what comes to mind.

Pilot FriXion Pen – Tri Color    I’ve found when I write in my planner [not on a sticker] my pen of choice is this, they are erasable. While I know that scares some, they work great for me. This is a .38; but a .5 is also great! The .7’s are just a little to thick for my liking [side note: pens are probably the ONLY thing will complain about being too thick]

Clearasil Acne Control Pads   No shame in my game; this adult acne crap is really getting frustrating. I really like these.   I don’t wear much makeup – and if I do it’s just a pressed powder foundation [I think that’s what it’s called, obviously I’m a beauty blogger]

Ecovacs N79S Deebot     Yes, a robot vacuum. In August at the allergist while being retested for allergies, the doc came in and discussed a few things I should NEVER do. Yes, never!  One was not vacuum. I let her know this would be a problem since I am single and live alone. She suggested a robot vacuum. I put it on the birthday / Christmas list and was gifted one!  I had vacuumed my condo two days before I got it; I was shocked at how much it picked up. I scheduled it, and let it go a few days. I’ve changed my mind on it.. I now have it run every single day. Yes, I have to clean out the filter thing, but one, I know it’s better for me as a whole and two, vacuum lines are pretty awesome!   I feel like saying this is life changing is a bold statement, but it’s life changing.

Scribd    I have quite a commute to / from work; which seems weird considering it’s only 15 miles one way… but with traffic, and eventually a 10 minute bus ride in; I’ve turned to audiobooks. I used to think they were dumb; and didn’t count as reading, but that’s not the case now. All this to say, I love Scribd. I found it this summer, it’s $8.99/month, you can listen to as many books as you’d like and even read e-books. It’s half the price of Audible, and you can read / listen to your hearts desire. You can get 1 month free if you try it out, but if you use my link above, you’ll get a second month free!  Try it out, I dare ya!

Be Merry Scentsy Bar To me, this scent – Be Merry is the quintessential scent for the winter.


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