Erin Condren Focused Planner

The Erin Condren Focused Planner launched earlier this month; I saw a few videos flipping through it and wasn’t sure it was for me. Then I heard someone say they were coming up with a 7×9 size.    SIDE NOTE: I have 3 20% off coupons if you’d like to use one comment and let me know! If you’ve never ordered Erin Condren products before use this link  to get $10 off your first order.

I have been trying to find a planner for work; currently – and for the last 10 years, I’ve used a small notebook and simply make a list and keep a few things in the side bar — but it just isn’t working how I’d like it to.

Notebook I’m currently using at work… and it’s NOT working!

Erin Condren had a Pre-Black Friday sale for the EC Insiders; so I decided to place an order… and I got a lot; but 30% off is a big deal + free shipping.

01 Side By Side
EC Life Planner on the left –  and EC Focused Planner on right


04 Stack Coils
ECLP on the bottom; FP on the top. FP has the black coil, and it’s a bit smaller
ECLP on the bottom FP on the top.


02 Inside Cover
Inside cover. The mini bookmarks work great – and the black one matches perfectly.

The one thing you will notice – no tabs, they have finger indents? I have no clue what these are called but it’s fairly easy to flip to each month.

03 Calendar
2019 holiday calendar; and monthly dates to remember.
02.5 Inside Cover
03.5 Calendar
dates to remember

Because I am using this for work; I think I will denote important happenings.

05 Jan Monthly
Monthly Layout

I do not plan on using many [or any] stickers / washi in this planner. I really love the .05 Frixion pens. People either love or hate them. I like them. My planner is not going to be around the “elements” so it won’t get too hot and erase – though I’ve tested this a few times and it didn’t happen.  I have many different colors. I don’t plan on adding MANY personal things unless it might alter my work life or it’s something “bigger” that I need to be aware of.

06 Weekly
Weekly pages that follow the monthly layout

There are 5 pages of these sheets following the monthly layout. On the left are 5 spots then obviously the notes page. I will likely note the week in the top box, then each day of the work week for the 5 spots – Monday – Friday.  I think I will use the notes page on the right for tasks that just need to be done that week. I’m guessing some of those will transfer over to the next week. Or maybe things that are an every week task, so I can check off.   I will circle back when I’ve been using it for a while.


09 May Monthly
An example of how I will denote vacation / personal things that might affect my work schedule.
08 Back Cover
Back cover – I added the Sticky Storage Pocket

For the storage pocket in the back; I might keep the little phone slips or maybe a business card of a sales rep I might be anticipating doing business with.
I am really looking forward to utilizing this for work and see if it helps! I did not have the cover personalized; to save a little money; it’s not really needed.




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