Erin Condren Life Planner

Winter decided to show up in Iowa a bit earlier than usual; so I took advantage of a staying in today. I’ve been wanting to update my Erin Condren Life Planner photos / review / how I use the items; today was perfect to do so.

This will likely be a two- or three-part blog series. Just to clear the air; I am not affiliated with Erin Condren, just a long-time user who loves the products. That said if you’re interested in buying anything sign up here: EC Referral and you’ll get $10 off your order.  If you are reading this on or before midnight on 11/26/18 the Black Friday sale is running – all items 30% off, no code needed.

I’m going to start with the 2019 ECLP. I bought this during launch. I am a color / vertical girl. I’ve only ever used vertical; it works best for me.  This is the main 2019 planner.  You will eventually see I have an affinity for stars.

These covers are not permanent, they can snap on and off with ease; so I have more than I’d like to admit… but I do change them from time to time!



Once you open the planner; the inside cover can be written on with wet erase markers. I do not do this, but I do use it for sticking sticky notes!


Then there’s a calendar from July 2018 – December 2019! I know a lot of people who use transparent dots to mark pay days, holiday’s off, kids school breaks, the possibilities are endless! They use the space above and below the calendar to make a legend.
This section always throws me for a loop. Once I tried to use each of the 12 boxes for the upcoming months and note the “big” things happening. Work travel, personal travel, weddings, etc. but I never found myself coming to that page.  I’d love to come up with something…
Monthly cover page. Each month has a color theme and quote.
To the left of each monthly cover page is a lined note page. Last year they tried something different with the note page; and went back to it. I sometimes write goals, a monthly to do list of bigger picture items here.
The monthly layout. I will expand on this more in a separate post – but I use this for budgeting.
The weekly layout. Again, I use colorful / vertical. Way back when the sections were labeled Morning / Day / Night. They have since removed that, but I still think of it that way. This layout works best for me. I kind of think of it as before work, at work, after work.
As I said, each month has it’s own colorway, but I waned to show what it looks like when one month ends and a new one begins in a week. The color just transitions over.

The pages continue for each month. This particular planner is January – December; it’s just how my brain works. There are 18 month planners that go July 18 – December 19, and there are academic planners;  July –  June.

In the back after the monthly / weekly layouts are some extra pages. I used a few full sheet labels and make some trackers. This one, is obviously tracking my flex credits for the year. I like to see a running total of what’s remaining. I’m probably going to make a few more stickers for Date / Amount / Remaining.
There are a few dot grid pages — currently I have no plans for these. In the past I’ve used them as an incentive tracker for Scentsy . Since they don’t have to be used right away, so I’ll find a use for them eventually!
These are black and white coloring pages. They do not suit me, so I grabbed a few pieces of scrapbook paper, cut them to size, added a little washi and made some practical sheets for me. As you can see this is my monthly bills. It’s nice to have an estimate of what the bill is and the due date. I put the actual numbers in my monthly layout as noted above.
I like to track monthly / yearly numbers for my Scentsy business. My team is Wave of Scents, and my personal business is named Wickless Jess.
Another page that I have no clue what is going here but the coloring page needed covered.
This used to be in planners, was removed for a while, and now back. I’m not sure if I’m going to put family info in here — but I think I might use it for places I might call from time to time: various doctors, dentist, mechanic, internet company, land lord, things like that.
The very last two pages of the planner are the upcoming year – which has a few lines under each month to write things down and a notes section in the bottom.  In my current 2018 planner this is helpful to glance at when moving into the following year. I have a wedding down, work travel, and some important dates for my domains.


If you’ve made it through all the photos — thank you! Sometimes people ask me about my planner and I like to be able to walk them through it, visually with a little explanation.

If you have any questions – drop a comment!

I’ve not put much IN the new planner yet, date wise, but I do have a lot of sticky notes in there. Now that we are almost into the last month of the year, I’m really itchin to get into the new planner!


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