I can’t believe I did this…

When I first moved to North Liberty [my first place without roomies] I decided to put a Christmas tree up. I found a helluva deal on a big, full, 6 foot beautiful tree. I had red, gold, and bronze ornaments. I loved that tree.

Fast forward to an apartment almost twice as big, I put the tree up. I didn’t have the most perfect spot, but it worked. I moved a small wood crate bookshelf; and it fit, it was a little tight due to how full the tree was.  The following Christmas, I tested the lights in my garage and half were out; so it went straight to the dumpster. I  don’t remember exactly, but I assume I had great intentions of buying a tree the day after Christmas; and didn’t.

Last year for whatever reason, I didn’t buy a tree and didn’t think twice about it. This year, on a whim I went into Michael’s and they had 60% off their trees! I decided to just buy a little 4-footer; I got all the stuff, a smaller tree skirt, a topper, and even bought myself a stocking.

It’s sat there for a few weeks because I’m a Thanksgiving baby; so I despise skimming over the holiday; although admittedly… I don’t care for the holiday. Not the idea, just all of it. I don’t care for turkey, nor sweet potatoes. I never have. I’m more of a ham and homemade mac and cheese kind of girl – things our family has associated with Christmas meals!

I saw a friends Instagram post of a photo of her tree she put up on Sunday and it was a tall, skinny tree. I decided that would be prefect for my corner spot in my living room. I was on a mission.

I found one at Michael’s, but it wouldn’t let me buy online to pick up in store. I called they were out of stock, but she told me of one identical to it, except it was called “cashmere”; it’s not flocked in that it makes a huge flocking mess; but its on the branches some goldish color. I hated it online but my car steered into Michael’s tonight just to look.

I loved it! I knew I had to have it; it was $10 more but still within my budget; so I grabbed it. This is what it looks like up close. In this light it looks almost like snow

Cashmere Tree

I got home, moved things around and put the damn thing up. I love it. I need some gift wrap boxes to tuck under it, so it looks a little less bare. I’ll pick that up tomorrow at Target — already have them in my cart, so I can do drive up and be good to go. I’ll take back the 4-footer as well.


Once I get a few things under it and do a little cord concealing; the other cord is my phone charger. I’ll get it looking a bit nicer; but it works for now. I have a timer to put it on. It’s always nice to have it be on in the morning when I get up; off during the day, then back on just before I get home.

While this looks like a nice photo, the real reel you don’t see is that I have two loads of laundry haphazardly folded  and hanging over the back of the couch, a disastrous kitchen, and the bar part of the kitchen has everything stacked on it. And I currently have a load of laundry begging to be folded in the dryer but it’s not gonna happen. Nothing in there NEEDS folded tonight.


I’m meeting Dad, Deb, Vic, Ashley, Cody, Judy and Eliana for lunch at a restaurant we’ve gone to a few times for Thanksgiving. Then I have NO PLANS for my birthday; Black Friday. Saturday I think mom and I are going to do a little shopping.

I used to get bummed when people forgot my birthday because it’s fall on or around Thanksgiving but now I don’t even care about it.

I’ve got almost a months worth of Ellen to catch up on from the DVR, and a handful of other shows; so I forsee cleaning both the condo and the DVR off this long weekend.  This is 36 I suppose?

All in all, I have a lot to be thankful for.  Goodnight friends, my bed + book are calling me.


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