Fast 3 Facts – 11/15/18

Currently Listening: I’m listening to the audio book Start With Why by Simon Sinek; on my commute into work. I’ve had Walker McGuire and Jordan Davis playing on repeat.  I like to listen to audio books from Scribd  it’s half the price of audible and has just as much the selection. If you click that link;  it’s a referral link; I dare you to click it and try it free for a month! I read a lot; but sometimes the self help / business books that are non-fiction are hard for me to read, so I very much enjoy listening to them!

Currently Reading: Bourbon Truths #4 of the Bourbon Series. Sometime around the end of August I discovered the author Meghan Quinn through Kindle Unlimited and dove into her books. I’ve read 22 of them since and I’m currently reading number 23. There are still more I’ve yet to read but I will work my way through them. The upside, all of them except one have been on Kindle Unlimited. For $9.99/month I have more than gotten my monies worth. I’ve been using KU since the month it came out. I’ve discovered so many authors; it’s been great!

Currently Watching: I just finished watching the first 5 episodes of New Amsterdam; and I really like it. I’m a sucker for any hospital show.   Grey’s Anatomy is on at the moment of me writing this. I watch The Good Doctor, and Chicago Med, also Station 19 though it’s more of a firefighter show than hospital show.

Now it’s time to crawl in bed and dive into the book.


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