Intentions with poor follow through.

I always have such great intentions about writing, and then I don’t. I’ll crawl into bed and think to myself that I should have put the days or weeks happenings to post, but don’t crawl out of bed. I much prefer using a keyboard vs the iPad or phone.

So, another two months has gone by.  A whirlwind really. I think 2018 has gone by so fast. My youngest stepbrother Cody got married at the end of September. It was a great time. I’m not sure when it happened but I bought my Mom’s second vehicle — her 2011 Equinox. She really only used it to make trips to Sam’s or Costco, and can get all that she needs in her main car.

I was sick with a horrible case of strep throat a few weeks ago and it kicked my ass hardcore. I was out of work for two days and still have a lingering cough. I  still have a scratchy sounding voice.

Kinda sorta venturing into the dating world; aka I got on Bumble. I did meet up with someone a few weeks ago at a concert but it was less than ideal and I feel like he’s not interested; and honestly I’m not sure I am…  Dating scares me, well, maybe it’s more like makes me anxious; in that I just want to get over the awkward and get to the lounging around in comfy clothes or not being so on edge about it all.

In other news, through SnapChat of all places I’ve reconnected with a friend from WAY back when; 17 years ago. It’s crazy but I love it. Social media is good sometimes. I think we’ll have an opportunity to hang out in the near-ish future; for that I am pumped.

Currently have the midterm election coverage on TV… this is why I despise social media.

I’m not sure I have anything else interesting to share; that I can remember. I feel like if I got in the habit of writing weekly I wouldn’t forget to share so much. I love going back and reading from the past, even if it was a few months ago.

I really should be heading to bed; but the election results are keeping me up. And… I am about halfway done with a good book.

I was up an hour earlier than normal today to take my car in to have a motor replaced in my window; and even thought I stopped in last week; they tell me today they need to order parts; which they don’t have in. Joe met me and took me to work, and I took an Uber back to get my car… then I get to do it again Thursday.


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