Officially fall

I realize it’s now officially fall, but this month I’ve decided to tear apart my condo and give it a good deep clean / reorganization and purge so much stuff. I almost always get my office in order around August in prep for the upcoming fall season as that’s our busy time.

A few weeks ago I tackled the kitchen, reorganizing the kitchen cupboards; and I have a lot of them. I purged a lot of things; and its much nicer to open the cupboards.

One night I went to put away my prescription medicine I had picked up and something in my  bathroom closet wasn’t in the right spot, so it was an all out war on the bathroom closet, that overflowed into the bathroom under the sink, and then the stand up shower, and floors.

This weekend, the plan was the master bedroom closets; but it turned into more. I pulled everything out, then what was under my bed, got about 6 totes for donation, moved the bookshelf and dresser… moved the TV; which I only ever really turn on if there’s severe weather. But I got most of it back in place last night; a weekend long project. I still have to sort through the books, and load my bookshelf. I’ve decided it was time to go through books though…

And my DVD shelf in my living room, I filled up an 18 gallon storage tote full of movies and sold it to a friend on Facebook for $20.

I have more than committed myself this week. I offered to help a friend with the local chapter of Ducks Unlimited; not realizing the dinner was the week of my youngest brother’s wedding… so that’s Thursday, but the last meeting is tomorrow evening. I have the day off, and have a million errands to run, and now, some of my plans; the ones I wanted to happen so bad have been cancelled due to weather.

I had booked this hair appointment in March. I thought, well duh, why not get some head shots, so I lined that up, and… it’s going to rain. It’s not in a studio, just a few quick ones outside; as it’s on her way home her day job; we were just going to meet at a park or something. This is just how my life is…

I have purposely avoided social media a lot this last week and a half – because it’s straight up ugly.  Instagram is much nicer. But Facebook is downright ugly. I still scroll a bit, but I’ve actually taken a bit more time away, and it’s been quite enjoyable.  Limiting my screen time sounds like I’m a 7-year old who got in trouble for not sharing, but it’s been great and I feel like I need to step away a bit more. I’m not sure what’s going to happen once I finish these projects around my condo but we shall see.


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