Fast 3 Facts – 8/13/18

I always wonder what people are listening to, reading, and watching, so Fast 3 Facts. I’ll just share what I’m listening to – likely an album or a mix of some, what I’m reading, and what I’m watching. It’s probably not at the exact moment, but this week.


Current Listen: Dan + Shay – Dan + Shay. This entire album is one I can put on and clean, work [it’s office appropriate] or have on at home in my Scentsy office. Obviously music is life for me, this is just one album that I gravitate towards recently. A close second would be Jordan Davis – Home State.

Currently Read: J.L. Berg – Tattered Gloves. I started this when it was available on Kindle Unlimited, but this is the first month since Kindle Unlimited came out that I canceled my subscription. I was able to grab this on Scribd [ click here to read/listen for free for the first month].   I am also listening to The Power of Moments – Chilp & Dale Heath. This was a book our President spoke about at the national Scentsy convention; it’s interesting!  I find I get a lot more out of non-fiction books if I listen. I tend do to this on my drive to/from work.    If you haven’t tried Scribd; I suggest you do! It’s worth the monthly fee – and it’s UNLIMITED, unlike Audible.

Currently Watching: I restarted my Netflix account to watch the new season of Orange is the New Black; and I think I maybe finished one episode. It just isn’t keeping my interest. I’m not  a big Netflixer; I restart my subscription for a month, watch what I want then I cancel it for a while. I’d say I probably pay for the subscription about 3 months a year.  I still have cable + DVR.


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