Lazy weekend

I got off work about 1 on Thursday and headed out to the Iowa State Fair to hang with my Dad and Deb. for the night. They camp out there for the duration of the fair; and High Valley was playing on one of the free stages, so it worked out great.

After I got parked and unloaded my stuff; Dad and I went down and walked around grabbed a bite to eat, then he sat with me at the concert for a while. He left about a half hour into it. It really was a great show. I had been wanting to see them for some time now. I grabbed a caramel apple and made my way back up to the campground.  They were in for the night, so I read for a bit.

I didn’t sleep so well at all; and was up before they were but we got ready and treked around the fair for the day. My friend Andy; who’s very involved in the music world stopped by and sat with  us at one of the beer tents for a while. Deb’s sister Nikki (closer in age to me) stopped by with her husband, it was good to meet up with them. I had to head out about 3:30.

I was beat; a mix of not much sleep, one drink, and the heat. I got home, took a shower and crawled in bed for an hour power nap! I got up and finished getting ready, and made my way to the First Avenue Club. Jay Allen was playing with Chris Lane.  I stuck around to see two of Chris Lane’s song after Jay’s set but there was way too many strobe lights. With my combo of not much sleep and a headache still I decided it was best to head home. I chugged about 40 ounces of water and called it a night.

Today has been pretty lazy.  I’ve been in the process of reorganizing my laundry closet  and kitchen. I got the laundry closet done, and the kitchen is about half done.  After that, the plans are to do the bedroom closets / dresser drawers to get that done.

I took a nap this afternoon and I’m trying to find some motivation to get my butt to Target. I don’t need much there, but I’d like to go this evening. The students are moving in this week at Iowa, so I’m sure it’ll be busy tomorrow. Hell it might even be busy tonight.  I just plan on getting stuff done around here tomorrow and working on Scentsy stuff.

I think I better get headed to Target before what little motivation I have dwindles away.


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