It’s all in the spelling

Last night about 8:30 I had texted my Mom to say I was coming to town in the morning to snag some portion cup [for those of you who read and don’t know she owns a bar and grill] for a Scentsy thing I was doing and needed ASAP. I told her I was going to drop off an order to a family friend on the way. Said family friend was sitting right next to her so I said if she was going to be there for a while I’d head to town right now. I did just that.

There was a bit of a snafu with my 10-year work anniversary gift being shipped to her – no one can figure it out; it was actually shipped to me but went to my Mom instead. Weird! And I needed to grab my birth certificate.

I was able to deliver the Scentsy and chat with a few others, give a catalog to someone whom I’d never met before; potential new customers.

As Mom and I were chatting and she had this piece of paper work my birth parents names, I noticed my birth mother’s name was spelled different than I had been spelling it. I had been spelling it McGillan not McGillin.  Mom had told me their names, but I never saw them. Naturally I whipped out my phone and became a Facebook detective.  Somehow it came up; and I didn’t know this! That she was in med school and almost done… I found her account; it’s pretty locked down; but I was able to message her. I didn’t get home til about 11 last night and decided that messaging her at 11:30 probably wasn’t smart, I was going to sleep on it.

Then I ran errands today, and thought about it some more. She’s 13 miles from me — if it’s her. From a group I can tell she is a part of a group that tells me her high school graduating class year of such and such; and the year I was born it puts her at the almost end of it; 25ish.   I sent the following

Hi there; I know this is a bit [okay VERY] forward but I’m reaching out because I was born 11/23/82 at Mercy Hospital in Iowa City, Iowa. I was adopted at birth. I have my birth parents’ names; I was wondering if you might be my birth mother. I understand this a lot. I don’t expect a reply. If you might be her, just know that I am happy, healthy, and am incredibly thankful of a brave choice you made. I am not in need of anything from you. I just have always wanted to say thank you.

I’m guessing it’ll go into her Message Request inbox on Facebook; and I don’t want to assume she would know how to check that or would check it often; I don’t check mine as often as I should.  I do like the fact that I can see if she has read it; even if she ignores it.  It might be her, it might not. She might tell me it’s not her and it really might be.   It might just be a fluke that someone of the similar age range lives near me with the same name.   I said what I wanted to say, and I’m good with it.  Would I like to meet her, sure. Would I like to maybe have a relationship with her, of course. I say maybe because I truly do not know. I would like a little interaction first.  I am open to it. But I’ve always said, I really just wanted to say thank you. And I feel like I just got that opportunity ; kind of.

I have a major gut feeling that it’s her. Then again, I’ve had some gut feelings be dead wrong.



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