All the thoughts; and then nothing.

I did really well writing; and then almost a month has gone by of no writing. The day job has been a bit chaotic as we close out the end of the fiscal year. 10 more working days. Friday was the most overwhelming; at 2:30 we got hit with somewhat of a bomb in the situation, but my bosses are hands down amazingly awesome.  So here’s what’s been going on.

In May I had a dentist appointment at a new dentist; and have now had three appointments with them. Long story short; my jaw is misaligned. I have another appointment in a few weeks to find out the results of my diagnostics appointment that was last week.

I also had an eye appointment last week; which also resulted in another appointment; I have not been fitted for contacts since my first time of being fitted for them which was 5th grade. The previous contact / glasses people had me in one prescription contacts, and I have two very different prescriptions in each eye. While I was little bummed with the Kathy & Matt duo left the eye place within my eye doctor, I am a bit glad. I truly believe this will help me with contacts. Just maybe I might enjoy wearing them; and hopefully I can get them in time for California.    I have blown [okay, money well spent] so much money on copays this last month….

I have found a new author: Adriana Locke around Memorial Day weekend; so naturally  I dove in. I have read almost all of the books she has written and published. The last one is going to be read yet this weekend.

Basically outside of work I’ve laid low and read; which has made the heart happy.

Today for some unknown reason I was awake at 6:15 AM. I don’t even wake up this early for work!? Naturally I laid in bed and read.  I had an appointment at 11 to have my tires rotated and balanced.  I’ve never had my tires rotated and balanced so much; but since getting tires at Discount Tire; they do a great job at sending emails and reminding me of  doing so and it’s free!  I made an appointment to get two new tires in a few weeks. I feel like an adult.

And now for some crappy adulting, my kitchen is in need of some major TLC; the counter is the catch all for everything; am I the only one?   I’m making myself clean the kitchen before I dive into a new book and make something for supper.   Do you call it supper or dinner? Dinner sounds fancy.  Maybe it’s the Midwesterner in me?  And let’s just get real here, it’s either going to be some Kraft Mac and Cheese or some Cheerios.


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