Wondering what if?

I just finished reading a 3-book series (more to come!) in a two day span; so last night my mind was full of all sorts of “what if” thoughts.

The series was set at a college so the characters were mostly college-aged kids.  I was wondering many things and had a hard time falling asleep.

What if I would have stayed at Central College and graduated? Would I have studied abroad in London as I intended? Would mom have bought / opened JB’s  [the bar and grill they own / manage]. Would I have joined Scentsy?

I mostly wonder where I would be now had I done that. I likely would have a 4-year degree, doing who knows what with life.  Would I be single and as lonely as I am? Would I have kids?

I had a good time in college where I was; an on campus apartment at the community college I attended. But did I get the full college experience?

Instead I’m 30 miles from my hometown, working a job that I truly enjoy, renting a condo, 100 pounds heavier than college, living paycheck to paycheck, single, no kids and the chances of the last two changing are slim to none.


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