Edging closer to 40.

In 6 months I will be 36; no big deal. Last year around this time I made a list of Adult things to do before 35 and all I have managed to do on that list is find a new primary care doctor.

Since 40 is 4 1/2 years away, I decided I need to make a list of 40 things to do before 40. I’m a fan of lists / planning / checking said items off the list; so I think this will be more attainable.   It might take me a bit to curate such list.  Maybe it’s silly to anyone else, but hey, it works for me.

I do believe a few of the things from the list that didn’t get completed by 35 will be the first few on this list.

If you are a reader, what is one or two things you wished / and maybe even did complete by a birthday?


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