Just another Manic Monday

And, finally the budget sheets are here.  What should be crazy and hectic, today hasn’t seemed as such!  I know that by merely typing that I’ve just screwed myself.

Backtracking a bit on the last few weeks; allergies straight up knocked me out. I spent the first weekend of May sleeping pretty much all weekend; and then struggled through work.


I had an appointment with a new dentist – and it was great [as good as a dentist appointment can be], but I feel like this guy actually listens! A few extra appointments coming up, but hopefully we’ll get this jaw / grinding my teeth thing straightened out.

I was finally feeling a bit more human this weekend and am finally starting to tackle the big list of stuff to get done. I’ve been in quite the purging / decluttering mood lately.  I finally assembled the last two bar stools; all screws were tightened with an allen wrench. I’m whining, but it sucked!

Up next my closet needs to be gone through and clothes pitched / donated; and reorganized.  Then my kitchen cupboards also need reorganized but also I need to check dates on things and hell I could probably meal plan from the kitchen cupboards for a while!  I did get the freezer mostly cleaned out. I really should empty out the fridge and give it a good cleaning too. This list keeps getting longer!

The end goal is that my downstairs neighbor has a cleaning lady come in and do her entire condo for like $35 – 40!  I realize my disorganized closet and cupboards don’t really apply to this, but I’m hoping once I get this all done, I can reach out to her and hire her for once a month.   I would LOVE to not have to clean the bathrooms or dust! And I can budget $40 in a month for that!

I found out last night; though a few months behind Bath & Body Works discontinued their True Blue Spa line; yes, I sell Scentsy and have have awesome body cream and lotion; but I’m loyal to Lay It On Thick body cream. It is amazing. My super dry skin loves it. And now I’m sad.  Judging from the BBW Facebook, though, many are. It’s a bit of an uproar! I’m hoping this prompts them to bring it back. A girl can dream.

Okay, my lunch is over, so back to the grind!


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