Oh, allergies, you suck!

I had the absolute worst headache Monday at work, so much that I slept through lunch. as in skipped eating, and went into a no-longer occupied office and put my head down in the dark and slept. I was in bed at 7:15, and asleep before 9 PM. Last night I was up a bit later, but still asleep before 11ish.  These allergies are kicking my ass.

Another night of nothing done after work, I have laundry in both the washer and the dryer. Yes, the stuff in the washer will likely just stay there and need to be washed again; look, I’m an adult and can make these choices. I’m probably going to once again get some sort of carry out / fast food and put some comfy clothes on and read in the recliner for a while then crawl in bed with a few Benadryl.

Last Thursday I started the first book of the Beaumont series by Heidi McLaughlin; the first book was made into a movie very early this year — though I already know the premise is a bit different; he’s not a county star in the book. Yes, the book is always better. Anyways, long story short; since then I’ve read 8 of the books in the series. A few of them have been novellas. I am reading the 9th one now which has transitioned to the kids of the original book.  This shouldn’t be shocking to anyone. I find a series, especially one I’m really into and I devour it.   I think there is only one book left in the series, so I’ll probably have a bit of a book / series hangover for a while.

I set the goal of 75 books on Goodreads for the year, and I’m currently at 34 read, 10 books ahead of schedule. I’ll likely finish book 35 tonight and start in on 36; so I have time to “slack” some. I can always adjust. I’d really like to change the goal to 104; average of 2 books a week! I just don’t want to “not” finish… so I’ll tweak as needed.

Maybe, just maybe, the laundry and the kitchen will be cleaned tomorrow!


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