Random everything.

Just as I was getting up from my office chair at the day job to leave at noon on Friday I heard the ding of a new email on my phone. It was from 23 and Me. My results were in. I bought the damn thing 4/5, they received my vial of spit on 4/12 and on 4/27 they were telling me it was done. I suppose this seems speedy compared to the study that lead me on and took forever.

I had convinced myself on my drive home that I was going to wait until Sunday to look. I needed to go home and nap. I was headed to a concert that evening, and then had to attempt to sleep that night because I had to be up and ready to go and DD for a 9 hour bar crawl with the Parizek side.   The girl who loves naps, and needs to sleep. Well, yah, that didn’t work. I looked.  More on this later, but long story short, only a few things that were “slight risk” and neither are major.

Over the weekend I connected with a cousin. We’re not so sure we are as far down the line as it says… Again, more on this later.

I read a few books, and by a few  I mean three. And I’ve got a really bad headache, and feeling feverish; I need to sleep. I think I’m going to nap on my lunch break.

Not sure what the hell is going on; the scale this morning teetered at 254.5 before it landed on 255, when normally its 257 – 259. I would assume I’m getting sick. But normally I eat through sickness. Well, and everything, really.

I am one of 3 in an office of usually 10 so, taking sick time is out of the question today. I already cannot wait to go home and if not crawl in bed for the night at least hold my recliner down.


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