I’m from Iowa, and damn proud of it!

Friday as I was leaving work, I was walking out next to a patient who I’d say was around 30ish; he was at a glance a cancer patient.  He was walking with a friend, and he kinda half looked at me and said “man Iowa sure is fucking proud of their state, pretty sure everyone has a tiger hawk or the state of Iowa on at least one piece of their clothing”   I just kind of chuckled and said, “yah, that’s about right”.

We had a nice conversation about how he’d been to over 20 hospitals, and in 15 different states, he said it was refreshing to see the wave and his time here is proof that i’s very Iowa-like.  Made me smile for sure. As I walked away I was thinking “hello, welcome to Iowa, yes, we sure are!”

Growing up I for some reason was a Michigan football fan… now let’s be clear here, I knew two people who played for Michigan: Tim Biakabutuka and Desmond Howard.

Yet I grew up less than 20 miles from Iowa City and could name probably half the Iowa football team at anytime, and still could. In my nearly 10 years of working at UISFCH I’ve slowly transitioned to a fan. While I still have yet to attend a football game [yes, I know, how is this even possible?] I do wear a lot of Iowa stuff, especially when I travel. And if you asked my Scentsy team the first thing they’d tell you is that I am proud to be from Iowa [and that I probably never shut up about it.]

Aside from Scentsy shirts to wear when I travel, I have a few fun Iowa shirts to wear; and I swear every time I travel I see someone with Iowa gear.  Look for it next time you travel!


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