Update on the DNA Test Kit

For whatever reason, the first DNA test kit I did – that was free; got me pumped for basically nothing. For seven months I put it off, the actually spitting in the tube, and mailing it off. I finally did it and then waited five and a half long months. The day I saw my email it was ready I was feeling every emotion. I unlocked it with a special code and it told me: You are of European descent.  Nothing more.

From everything I read and signed, it was as if I was getting the medical and more link to the ancestry part of it, and nope, not the case.  I felt sort of duped. Did I read something wrong? Nope, many of us who were invited to participate felt the same way, thought the same thing.   I’m not bitching about something that was free. In the long run it forced me to face things I never thought I’d have the chance.

I didn’t want to do it at first, even though I signed up.  When I finally did it, I was scared shitless  to send it. I finally thought, I’d get the info and give it to my doctor and be done with it. After waiting longer I decided I did, indeed want to see the results and be as proactive about my health that I can be, give me all the information. Then major let down.

I am an avid listener of the Bobby Bones Show and heard he had done something with 23 and Me on his own, and then later they became a sponsor or whatever it is they do in the business world.

When my paycheck hit my account April 1st, I said a big loud “fuck it” and bought it. I bought the $200 kit that does health and ancestry reports. Go big or go home. I thought there was no point in finding out just my ancestry, because I already knew… vaguely.

The kit came today and it’s already in the mail to go back. I think it’s a 6-8 week processing time, which sucks but it’s fine. I waited a year from getting the first one, for the processing and getting the results. A year.  I can handle a few months.

I have only told a few people, Mom, Shawn and one other friend. I feel a little embarrassed, mostly because I thought I was getting one thing and didn’t get it all; but lesson learned.  For $200 I will forever have my DNA in a system that might connect me with relation. It might provide me medical insight that could possibly be life saving.

I’m not much for resolutions, and I am not the best at follow through on goals, especially big, lofty ones; but after I broke up with Adam, and decided to live for me, not for someone else, I decided that my 35th year was going to be selfish. In a good way. The year of me, if you will.

I will stay in on weekends and read, catch up on shows on my DVR because that’s what I like to do. I will go to concerts alone, because dammit I want to see that particular artist. I will buy the planner extras because planning makes me happy, so what if I have to have cereal or mac and cheese a few extra nights and not get take out because I wanted to spend money elsewhere.  I am doing what I want; obviously within reason because it’s MY life.

This DNA thing has been one helluva process. Many ups and downs, and who the hell knows what is to come; but like the great tattoo; “No ragrets!”

I feel much better having shared this with all two of you who read this. Very cathartic to just get it spew from my mind through my fingers onto page?

I’m going to find a book to read because I finished the one I started yesterday, at work today…  then crawl in bed and start a book at 10:45; smart and stupid all the same.  I also need to find a new audio book to listen to on the commute to and from work.

Thanks for reading, friends. I love when I write, I just sometimes feel like I’m rambling… I really do want to find some good blog post content. The Fast 5 Friday didn’t go so well doing it weekly as I didn’t post it last week. We shall see what tomorrow brings!


One thought on “Update on the DNA Test Kit

  1. You never know what you will find with the dna kits. To date, I have discovered a sister, an aunt, and a great aunt. I just met my sister and wrote a blog about it.


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