When things don’t work out

I listed my barstools on the Facebook Marketplace late yesterday afternoon and within about two hours they were sold. The person was going to pick them up on Friday evening. She texted and asked if she could pick them up last night – and came and got them! Glad they are gone!

We are in for some snow; we’re smack in between 1-3 inches or 3-6; you’d think the world is fucking ending. Sorry for the cursing… but seriously. It’s not uncommon to have snow around Easter – which can happen in the 4th week of April!  It’s early this year; but just because the first official day of Spring happened earlier this week – Iowa is in an uproar.

Because of the snow, the concert I was going to tomorrow night has been canceled; and it makes sense as they are driving right into the storm and while it’ll be “done” in the evening, they don’t just show up at 6 PM for the 8 PM concert! Crews break down stage / load up and head out! The only disappointing thing is that two of the people are on my #ConcertBucketList and as of now they are not rescheduling; just a cancellation and refund.

I suppose this leaves more time for me to tackle the job that is going through my closet and getting rid of so many clothes!  I’ve hung on to clothes; mostly jeans and shirts; thinking “oh I’ll loose weight and fit into them someday” Hah! The reality is, while I feel like I’m getting more and more into the idea of being healthy and loosing some weight, I’m realistic to know that my intentions are great but rarely do I follow through; more on that later, I suppose.

I’m going to be that idiot heading to the grocery store after work. I normally do not do this because I’m not the “get bread and milk, it’s going to snow” but I need a few things and I had planned on making a trip to the store today after work.

I have 8 more minutes of work… this day has drug on, a lot. Now I have no plans this weekend; and the clothes sorting might not happen, all I know is that I didn’t have anything for lunch, so I’m starving!


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