Fast 5 Friday

Fast Five (1)

In order to get me writing a bit more, I thought I’d start this with the hopes of trying to do this each Friday!  I think I’ll use these five questions for a while and see if I want to switch it up as the weeks go on.

  • What I have read / am reading this week
  • Current music
  • Current scents I’m warming
  • Splurge of the week
  • Looking forward to…


  • Books I’ve read / am reading this week
    • Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo – Amy Schumer  [finished Sunday]
    • Take The Stairs – Rory Vaden.  [finished Wednesday]
    •  5 Second Rule – Mel Robins [Started Thursday]
  • Current music
    • Scotty McCreery’s Season Change album
  • Current scents I’m warming
    • Johnny Appleseed [April Scent of the Month], Satin Sheets, and Thank You [an old / discontinued scent from the super secret stash]
  • Splurge of the week
    • Kitchen bar stools! Old ones were listed and sold in an hour! New ones will arrive Saturday #ThanksAmazon
  • Looking forward to…
    • Weekend Warrior concert with my friend Emily + Chris.  Tour includes; Chase Bryant, Lindsay Ell, Dustin Lynch, and Brad Paisley.  DL is the only one I’ve seen live before; pretty excited!



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