High productivity!

I had been in a bit of a slump at work, feeling like I couldn’t get ahead at all. I couldn’t even finish one project because an email / phone call / or my boss would walk in while I was in the middle of one thing and hand me another task.

Last Friday I had one of the most productive days in a while; and Monday wasn’t. I was a bit defeated because I needed a few more.   Tuesday and Wednesday were just that; and I’m feeling much better about where things are at work right now — not feeling overwhelmed at all.

Today hasn’t been as productive, but there’s just something about having a few days of really putting your nose to the grindstone!

At home; my living room has been a bit of an eyesore. I am HORRIBLE at putting laundry away. I do a decent job of getting it folded and in different piles, but then it doesn’t get much further. When my living room is a mess, the kitchen seems to be the second dumping ground. My counter is an L shape with the peninsula part being where you can eat is, just gets piled with stuff!

On Wednesdays I take the night off from Scentsy — I tend to stay out of my office, my team knows I’m unavailable and usually this is when I catch up on my DVR!  Obviously if I have a party booked or am have plans, I do not mind doing this on Wednesdays!

Last night I started in the kitchen, got dishes done, loaded the dishwasher, emptied it and loaded it again, swept the floor, cleaned off the damn counter, and then got laundry put away. I just need to vacuum. I even took out all the trash.   Hey folks; it’s the little things! I just really hope this productiveness keeps up!

I’ve been at this condo for almost 2 years now, and have 3 bar stools that are too tall. My last place the side where you at was needing the bar height stools, of course at this place, I need the 24 inch; counter height stools. Decisions now about do I want them to have a back or not… Mostly they just collect stuff!  I just need to decide.


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