Reflecting on seizures and epilepsy

The “On This Day” feature from Facebook is pretty nifty. Truth be told I never really did well with the TimeHop app. The apps didn’t seem to sync and it was frustrating, so I deleted it. Besides, if it’s on FB it’s real, right?

This little thing popped up today and I felt it needed to be documented more than just “on this day” to serve as a reminder today, and everyday.

I read this inspiring article/post that was shared by the Epilepsy Foundation of America: read the article here  and here is exactly what I shared on my Facebook post:

I like the way this girl thinks; mine might be something like this:

It happened again. Even though you just wrecked that brand new to you car, and your face hurts something fierce from hitting the steering wheel*, and you have to still live at home with your parents, so they can drive you everywhere because once again you can’t drive for at least 6 months, you can get through this. Don’t be shocked; more meds, and soon a med change. It will be depressing as f..k; in a few more years you can move out but you’ll have to move to a “city” because face it, you’ll probably never live in a place without public transportation. You can still find ways have fun, even though you can’t do haunted houses, or relax in a bath. Don’t worry about that really high car insurance, at least you get to pay car insurance because you are able to drive. Don’t worry about gaining all the weight from the new meds; fat and seizure free is better than all that weird dancing that lands you back in a hospital bed. Besides you’d rather have *4-hander thighs than not have any legs or thighs to measure with your hands because you lost them in an accident due to a seizure or worse. You can live with being chunky; you can live with taking 7 pills a day. You can live with avoiding strobes and haunted houses and taking a bath with little water, you can live with epilepsy. You might have to change some things, but you can do it.

*face hurts something fierce from hitting the steering wheel; who knew that it would result in a nose overhaul surgery four years later

*4-hander thighs; well, you can fit four hands around my thighs. Hey, no thigh gap has saved my phone from fall in places it shouldn’t many times; #ThanksSeizureMeds

But for real, over the weekend it was 10 1/2 years since having a seizure. On record, the longest I have gone, as far as I know. I could have had them as a child, or in school. Being fat is worth it.  Being thinner would be better, but if I got healthier / thinner, could I still use the hashtag #ChunkyChickConfessions?

Some days I forget about the epilepsy and seizures, then other days a stupid migraine happens and I freak out that it’s not ‘just’ a migraine or that more will come from it.  Epilepsy has changed my life, and my wardrobe, my lifestyle, but it hasn’t changed me.


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