My Curly Transition

Here’s the before story:  embarking on the Curly Girl Method and finally Wednesday I had my first Deva Cut!  The cut was created by the Devachan Salon; a salon that specializes in curly hair. The technique is a special way of cutting curly hair. It’s cut while the hair was dry so they can see how curls fall / and can be shaped for each specific person.   The gal I went to, is also a member of the Curly Hair Artistry – another curly hair group, much like the Deva Curl group, but not brand based. Deva Curl is a pretty pricey product.

Martha, at Aurora Salon is the only certified curly stylist in Iowa! Luckily she’s only about an hour from me. I made my appointment at the end of November and the first available was the first week in March.

At this point I had been getting used to co-washing, but kind of wondering about some technique and product, things of that sort.  My appointment was at 1, and the information said it would take 2 hours.  I knew I had to arrive with my hair completely dry with little product in it, and not up in a pony tail.   I wanted to document it; so here’s a before:

Curly Girl - Before Cut Dry
Completely dry hair – only product in it was some Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave In Conditioner

It was very nice to chat with her;  it was fun to watch her cut my hair! She took each strand of curls and cut them. It was not your usual, wet the hair down and cut across. Plus no yanking and brushing. After the cut we went to the sink. She asked me if I understood “squish to condish” which I thought I did, but it was nice for her to have me hold a mirror and watch, then she held it and let me do it, until I felt comfortable with it. She showed me how my curls were to look in their curl clumps / groupings and if they weren’t looking like that how to add a bit more water and run conditioner through how it was all about the equilibrium of it all.  I was learning, and taking it all in.

From there we went back to the chair – hair sopping went and applied some gel throughout, hair flipped over, then she used a microfiber towel and scrunched a little water out.  She showed me how to use some clips in my hair, for drying. I sat under the dryer for a half hour. Here’s a  side by side of before the curly cut and after – you can tell the distinction of the curl clumps; its amazing!


All she did was pull the clips out and used the diffuser a bit. She had me flip over one more time and she trimmed a few more stray pieces, and I felt like a million bucks! I was amazed.  She showed me a few ways to get my bangs out of my face, and kind of pull my hair back so it’s not all right there.

Curly Girl - After Cut Dry
I think the smile says it all!

I bought some conditioner – which was dirt cheap! I was out there door, having rebooked for 6 months – because I want to grow it out a bit more, she said come back in 4 months to keep it at this length and 6 to let it grow a bit.  I was  amazed at that.  I was so impressed with the dryer I sat under I asked how much it costs and she said they were about $79 at Sally Beauty, so I thought I could afford that.

I stopped into Sally to buy the clips and the blow dryer she had wasn’t in stock but they had it online, and it was on sale! So I ordered it and it should be here next week. I’m getting excited.  I’m noticing my curl clumps [that word sounds not so great but in the curly word, that’s what they are called] are looking much better already even just conditioning + extra water and diffusing.

I know touching curly hair is bad, and it’s a huge pet peeve of mine, seriously do not touch the hair! However I broke my own rule; I could not keep my hands off of it all night Wednesday night! Here’s what it looked like from the back and from the front [sorry I like Snapchat!] after I had touched it…   my bands had kind of calmed down and weren’t so m shaped, which with some training will get better with time.

I am very much looking forward to  this bad boy getting here!  It’ll be fun to experiment.


I know this was long, but I really wanted to document!


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