As always, intentions on writing, but failing

I always have great intentions with writing more frequently, but obviously it doesn’t pan out.  I listened to a training earlier this week and it was about how we always say we are busy, with work life, home life, basically everything. But really are we? No, we’re basically doing something else in place of not doing another thing.

I have tried to make a point of not saying “busy”. I can say things like “working on a few projects that have been taking a lot of time” I can say “I’ve been spending some time just relaxing and holding down the couch” basically EXPLAIN what it is that you are doing in place of busy.

I still have a living room with laundry to be put away, and pretty sure both my washer and dryer have laundry in there. I did clean up my office a bit, and my master bath is in need of another cleaning. My kitchen, well, it’s either spotless or a disaster.

I am seriously contemplating a cleaning lady once a month to just do stuff I do not like – bathrooms, dusting, etc; but I’m still trying to decide if I can afford it and it would be worth it.

I am currently fighting off a migraine, I think I’m going to lay down for a bit when I get home, but I really do think I’m going to tackle the kitchen this evening. We shall see.

Sometimes you just gotta say screw it all and just relax. My DVR is overflowing – probably close to 30 episodes of Ellen, some Kimmel, Fallon, and a few other shows …  I have nothing planned for the weekend, other than a quick trip to WL to deliver some Scentsy; so I think I’ll take advantage of cleaning off the DVR!


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