Back pain

In October 2016 I was dealing with some bad back problems; tightness, couldn’t get up from a chair to standing or my bed; it was getting worse and worse. To the point that at 2 in the morning, I called my Mom to come get me and take me to the ER. I was given some IV pain medicine, and some muscle relaxer and spent the rest of the weekend on the couch. The said it was sciatica. I thought it was weird then, as I had nothing going on with my legs, other than they seemed weak because I couldn’t get standing up.

Fast forward to last week; the pain and tightness came back, the getting up became harder and harder. Finally I decided to make an appointment with my doctor. She also doesn’t think it’s sciatica; and sent me for XRays and ordered physical therapy.  The Xrays just showed arthritis; and the doctor seems to think it’s a slipped disc causing a pinched nerve; only an MRI will show – but she said we’d do that in a month at my follow-up if necessary. A lot of times insurance won’t cover an MRI until PT is done for a while.  I appreciate her looking out of for me, financially. The same course of action for treatment is done no matter the results, so that’s good to know.

I didn’t come to work on Tuesday, after the appointments, and only stayed until 1 yesterday. It’s tough that I cannot take the meds when I’m at work; they knock me out.  I am very much looking forward to getting home tonight to take them and get situated in my recliner on some ice packs.

I’m currently working at a different desk as my computer is being repaired; they are hoping to just re-image it, but it sounds like I might be getting a new computer altogether.  I feel out of place, but thankfully there’s  another workstation for me to do work at when I need to.

I have not spent much time in office at home, but sometimes you just gotta take care of yourself.  And mostly that’s been binge watching Shameless. A friend asked if I watched it, of course no, I hadn’t. I used their log in for a season of it, that didn’t take me too long, then I decided to be an adult and get my own account.  I see a weekend of laziness ahead; ice pack, and hydrocodone naps.


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