The great weight debate

I’ve talked about it over and over, I’m a self proclaimed chunky chick. I use the hashtag #ChunkyChickConfessions on posts, because let’s get real, I love food, and I do not love to exercise. I don’t do so well at taking care of my body.

I haven’t declared any weight loss goals, crazy diets, or magic pill taking, because I’m just not good with the follow through; and again, real talk here… if I need to go number two all day every day, I’ll go buy some cheap laxatives, and not be a customer through a program. It’s just not me. Plus, the whole epilepsy thing, I like to have the numerologist’s blessing before jacking my body up on all these supplements.  It works for some, awesome. It’s just not for me.

That said; I ordered a recumbent bike from Amazon and it’s slated to be delivered on Sunday. I’ve had one before, it was a used one from Craigslist and I sold it when I moved into this condo. This one I got had amazing reviews; great comments about ease of putting together and I kind of thought if I’m binging a show on Netflix; I could at least do something. Or even just watching TV in the living room. I’m honestly not sure where it’s going to go…    I have an idea, but I figured, why would I sit or lay on my ass and watch a TV show, or a Scentsy training when I could at the very least be on the recumbent bike? This has worked for me in the past.

I do not have the best knees; well, just one. It strengthens it. I just need to get into a routine.  If I go balls to the wall from day one, I just do not stick it out.

I’ve been slowly drinking more and more Crystal Light at home and before you harp on the fake sugar, it’s better than the extra two or three cans of Pepsi I was drinking; so judge all you want.  You know the quote / phrase; “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time” so, here I am, one bite at a time. Also, who the fuck eats an elephant? I’m sure if you are a lion or something, but I’ll pass. I’d like a filet, medium rare.

I am not even seeing anything noticeable on the scale by switching to Crystal Light, and maybe I won’t, but I feel better about it. Maybe I won’t see anything on the scale after I get and put together the bike, but hopefully I’ll feel better; frankly being fat kinda sucks.

Sometimes I think by writing this, declaring it, is silly because if nothing comes of it and I look back I feel disappointed, like a failure, but other times I feel like I should document it. Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, and sometimes you have a whole ton of setbacks, or moments of laziness, but then once and a while you do something, and you’re proud.   I’m sure there’s a perfect quote or song lyric for this, but basically,  it’ll happen when I change my mind to make it happen.  Maybe when I read this later, I’ll look back and be like “wow you were a sad sack of miserable then but look at you now” or maybe not, I just need to decide.


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