Scentsy World Tour

Last Friday I had the day off to head to Minneapolis! My teammate / friend, Amanda and I were headed to Scentsy’s World Tour – a one-day training that’s a smaller version of our annual conference. Basically it gets us pumped for the coming season, some insights on business, and some time for networking. It was fun!

The Super Bowl is this weekend, but the festivities started in Minneapolis the week before; and it was crazy insane! As we were pulling into downtown Minneapolis there were military humvees on each corner, cops, blocked off streets. Organized chaos!  I was familiar with the hotel as I had stayed there a few years prior. Having Amanda co-pilot made a world of difference!  I valet parked the car, because it was just worth the $40 to do so!  We went to explore after we got our stuff to our room; it was probably 11:30 / midnight and I honestly felt pretty safe!  Here’s a few pictures of very large ice sculptures. It was pretty awesome, and I’m not a big football fan.


Our training was awesome, and inspiring. We had a little hiccup with getting the car – not anyone’s fault. We were one of the first to get to the awesome folks at Valet, and they told us it might be about 45 minutes to get our car. People were flipping out on them. Come to find out, there was about 200 cars backed up in the ramp, with all the extra security and traffic. Honestly I was okay with it, they handled it and eventually after an hour my car pulled right up.  I’d much rather someone else deal with my car in a ramp than me!

We got home about midnight and then Sunday I was pretty lazy!

I had to make a trek to WL during the week to drop off some Scentsy, while I was at the bar; someone asked if I watched Shameless, and I had to admit I’m not a Netflix-er.  I am now currently binge watching it. There is 96 episodes on Netflix, and they are an hour each, so slowly I am making my way through it.

This whole week has been a bit of a whirlwind, but in a good way. I have had a few Scentsy training/ Zoom calls, met up with someone to join my team and all the sudden it’s Friday.

I really need to go get some groceries sometime this weekend; probably going to do that tonight after work. Cody Hicks is playing at Wildwood tomorrow, so I’ll go watch him, and Sunday I’m going to be one of the few not watching the Super Bowl.   Who knows what the weekend will bring.


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