Single, but kinda sorta maybe wanting to mingle?

While I’m terrified at the idea of dating again, I want to, I am ready.  I do not want to go the Tinder / Bumble route. I just don’t; that doesn’t mean I won’t.  I’d just prefer not to.  I’d love to meet someone on my own.

I think my time of dating Adam, after not dating for years made me realize that life is a bit boring solo; and after feeling stuck, I knew that it could be good. It could be great, amazing even.

It’s crazy how 10-12 years ago when I dated him the first time around, I thought he was the one and our lives went different ways. And then go back together two years ago, I thought it would be perfect, but looking back, I realize how wrong we were/are for each other. We had zero interests in common. It was all sorts of wrong.

The problem is, I have zero confidence in myself, or guts to even THINK about seeing if he’s the slightest bit interested.  So I will just be his Facebook friend, and probably occasionally make small talk with him if/when I see him.  I’m just a big wuss.

It’s only 9:15, and I’m off to bed to read.  I am reading book number 9 of the year. I have got to read more business / personal growth books this year, so every 10 or so books, I’m going to switch gears and read / listen to a business / personal growth book. Sometimes listening to those types of books the content sticks better in my mind.  I am currently listening to Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover. I read it, and it was alright, but hearing it I feel like I’m actually getting more out of it.    Weird how the brain works!


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